Sunday, August 29, 2010

L.J. Young

Occupation : Sound Engineer / Driver / Crew / Whatever Else

L.J. was born a poor child of Russian immigrants that arrived in the U.S. via UFO in the late 1800's. We don't belive that at all, but he insists that it's true. No one is sure what the L or the J stand for, including him. Seriously. L.J. is happily married, but unlike Larry and John, L.J. hates long walks in the park, hates poetry, and enjoys hunting Yaks in the Smoky Mountains with a slingshot. L.J. is a former NFL quarterback, and went on to win last years Superbowl for the New Orleans Saints. But, due to type-o by the Associated Press and NFL, Drew Brees was actually credited for all of L.J.'s hard work. After several months of therapy he moved on, and realized that multi million dollar football contracts and endorsements wasn't really his thing. He used some of his football money that he had stored in his piggy bank to buy a microphone, 2 - 12" speakers, and a Cerwin Vega P.A. head. He soon hit the wedding circuit as a DJ, crankin out the best of yesterday and todays dance hits. After he was attacked by Bridezilla, and thrown in a dumpster, he realized that wasn't the answer either. It wasn't until Larry was online late one night watching reruns of Sex And The City that he came accross an ad for a sound guy. He was surprised that a band as awesome as JUNIOR would advertise on the Lifetime channel website. But, the band is really sensitive, and likes sensitive employees. So, long story short, L.J. flew to Baltimore, JUNIOR picked him up via hot air balloon, and the rest is history.

Side Note: At 5:30 P.M. August 27 The NFL called the world headquarters at JUNIOR LLC begging L.J. to come back. They also said they would offer the rest of JUNOR and their crew starting positions in the NFL. So, the future of L.J., JUNIOR, and everyone else involved is still unknown..

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