Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jeff Larry "Larrollton" Newbern

Occupation: tour manager, driver, loader, worrier, dancer.

Larry is a single guy, who enjoys long walks in the park, and poetry slams at the local coffee shop. He has a pet giraffe named Winnie, and often reminisces about his days as a Navy Seal. After spending years studying Jujitsu in Japan, Larry decided to try his hand at rock-n-roll. He figured it's gotta be a better paying job than anything else he's tried in life. So, Larry surfed the internets, and found an online class called "Learn how to tour manage over night". Shortly thereafter, he was tour managing. All of his dreams had fallen into place. He was now in charge of trying to control one of the most divalicious bands in the world. BUT, when he saw he had his own bunk, he knew they cared deeply about his feelings, and accepted him as one of their own.

Larry recently tried his hand at dancing. Actually he was forced to go onstage and do his own little dance called The Larrollton. It was a hit, and he soon started signing autographs, and even introducing the band at shows. Rumor has it that he has been in talks to portray Burt Reynolds in Smoky And The Bandit 4. He's also eyeballing Simon's vacant seat in American Idol.

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