Wednesday, August 25, 2010

John Sitarski

Occupation: Public Relations / Social Networking / Marketing / But mainly loading gear

John is a recent college graduate from Pennsylvania with a degree in nuclear engineering, but figured that working for a rock band would be a better move. John was the guy in college that stole your girlfriend. It appears that his entire family works in the entertainment industry, and John will more than likely be one of the most powerful men in music industry if he survives the tour he is currently on.

As seen in this photo, John is a thinker, and likes to ponder the meaning of life over a cup of Joe. He is a jovial guy, and does a spot on impersonation of legendary Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Carry. It makes us giggle. John also trained for 4 years in Hong Kong as a professional sushi roller. Once he realized there was no future in that he set his sites on joining the women's US Olympic Curling team. He was in charge of properly storing the rolling thing and brooms. That didn't last long either.

Long story short, John is where he belongs. He'll steal yo woman, he likes movies, and enjoys TV dinners by the light of a candle. If you are a girl, he'll talk to you. If you are a guy he'll fight you, if you aren't awesome, he won't hang out with you.

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