Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally time to blog..

So, normally I'd say Im just being lazy abou these blogs, but I'm not.  this is honstly the first time Iv had any time to do anything.  I know what your thinking - "Is Kiley laying in his bunk while typing this on his laptop in the RV that has WiFi?"  The answer is yes I am.  And yes, our bus has WiFi.  Pretty cool.  Anyhoo, we adde a new guy to the crew named L.J.  He's our new sound guy from Cincinatti, and he's awesome.  We just played at Fort Lee yesterday and Fort Eustess today.  Both were cool shows.
So, I can't remember the last time we talked, so I'll try to bring you up to speed.
  1. If there are any tpos its because Steve is driving, and we are on some backroad in either Virginia or North Carolina.  Or at least I think we are.
  2. We are headed to the University Of South Carolina for a sow Tuesday.
  3. It's Hot here too.  But nowhere near as hot as Texas and Louisiana.
  4. We spent a week in Washington DC at a sweet resort hotel. Saw lot's of sites.  It was nice.. And hot,,
  5. We have Monday off.  Thats nice, because we have been going solid for several days.
  6. We're starting to realize that living on an RV is harder than we expected.  The whole having to grab your clothes out of the suitcase that is in a compartment under the bus gets a little old.  BUT, the AC works now and it is like a meat locker back here in the bunks.  So, we sleep very well.
  7. That's about it.
Well kids, thats bout it for now.  I'll type more soon when we arent driving down what feels like a dirt road. 

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